Yoshida Brothers Fascinate in the World Music Scene

In the early 80’s, Japanese traditional music made a contribution to the world music scene with the sensational drum ensemble, Kodo. At the end of 90’s, two talented young men known as Yoshida Kyoudai (the Yoshida Bothers) showed the world an innovative style of playing a traditional folk instrument.

They play three-string Tsugaru-jamisen with a remarkable speed and accuracy, as if playing electric guitars. They successfully create a fusion on melodies and rhythms, which have roots in old folk music of 16th century, with a jazz and rock interpretation.

The Yoshida Brothers, Ryouichiro and Kenichi, both began studying shamisen at the age of 5. They started their music career locally, and released their debut album, Ibuki, in 1999 as their reputation was growing in Japanese music scene.

In 2003 they debuted in the US, releasing the first albums “Yoshida Brothers,” made up of tracks from their third album “Soulful” in Japan.
Since their debut, they toured from coast to coast charming American audiences. Their second album, Yoshida Brothers II, was ranked 11th on iTune.

They also peformed in China and Spain.