The youngest soloist in the Royal Ballet, Tetsuya Kumakawa

Tetsuya Kumakawa joined the prestigious Royal Ballet Company as the first Oriental. After several months, Kumakawa was promoted to youngest soloist in the history of the ballet company. Kumakawa established the K-BALLET Company, pursuing a ballet of high artistry and perfection, and he continues with new challenges.

In 1982, when he was 10 years old he began to study ballet. Kumakawa entered the Royal Ballet School in 1987.
In 1989, he won the Gold Medal and the Prince Takamado Prize as the first Japanese at the Prix de Lausanne and the Gold Prize at the European Young Dancer of the Year Competition.

In the same year, Kumakawa joined the Royal Ballet as the first Oriental and he became the youngest soloist in the history of the ballet company after a few months.

In 1999, he organized the K-BALLET Company. Kumakawa works with enthusiasm as a dancer both domestically and internationally as well as producing, directing and choreographing  as an art director.
The repertory of his program is broad, from classical to modern work and his original productions show his excellent talent and sense.
His endeavors breathed new life into the Japanese ballet community which was much needed and he created the unprecedented ballet boom in Japan. Kumakawa envisions a more highly complete ballet as a composite art and continues to pursue new challenges.