Editor Chisako Yokoyama takes active role on Hollywood front line

Chisako Yokoyama established a film school in 2006. She was actively involved in several films: “Good Will Hunting”, “Gladiator”, “Hannibal”, “Until The Night”, “Only The Brave, “Casshern(US version)”, and “Sayuri”.

In 1987, she discovered that there were many interesting film schools in Los Angeles, so she moved to the United States. While she was learning the basics in Santa Monica College, she also worked as a production assistant.

When she found out that Pietro Scalia, the Academy Award winner for “J.F.K.,” was looking for an assistant, she flew to Nepal to convince him that she was the right person.
Such was her drive that she was even prepared to work for free, if necessary. Her courage impressed him greatly and he gave her a chance. Over a period of 11 years, they produced various Hollywood movies.

Amazed by the rapid growth of the Korean film industry in recent years, she concluded that this was thanks to the introduction of Hollywood movie production know-how.

In 2005, she founded ISMP, a film school where the instructors, orĀ  active movie industry professionals are teaching classes in Japanese. She dedicates herself to educating young Japanese filmmakers and tries to encourage them to fully express their unique character.