Asuka Takita, a veterinarian in Kenya

The dreams which 27 year-old Asuka Takita(滝田 明日香) talks about are book writer, jewel designer, and homemade cosmetics and soaps. These dreams are not very different from the ones a lot of women have. If there is any difference, it might be her dream of becoming a veterinarian of wild animals in Africa.

Asuka Takita(滝田 明日香)
Born in 1975 in Fujisawa city, Kanagawa Prefecture.
She left Japan when she was six years old. She lived in Singapore, the Philippines, the United States and Kenya. When she was in Zambia, she found a job in the zoo. She lost her job because of a visa problem. She kept looking for a way of returning to Africa and was admitted into the Department of Veterinary Science, Nairobi University in 2000, aiming to become a big-animal veterinarian. She became a veterinarian in 2005, and lives in the suburbs of Nairobi with a pet dog, a cat and goldfishes.
Africa has the image of being beautiful but cruel, kind but deceiving, not being on time even when promised, far away from Japan, scary, and a place where women cannot go by themselves.

However, there is a savannah that extends right in front of her. She can go on safaris and she can go camping at the same time. This is the very life that she could finally discover by living in Africa. She likes Africa, and animals. She pushes forward to what she wants to do, saying that she tries hard to accomplish her favourite dreams. She is a woman who loves animals, and tells people that Africa is Heaven.