In Japan, technology export is the number one in the world, too

Of the top 10 companies that acquired the most patents in the US in 2005, 5 were Japanese companies: IBM with 2941 patents, Canon with 1828 and Hewlett Packard with 1797. Fourth place goes to Matsushita Electric Industrial with 1688, fifth to Samsung Electronics with 1641, Micron Technology with 1561, Intel with 1549, Hitachi Ltd. with 1271, Toshiba with 1,258, and finally, Fujitsu with 1154.

It is U.S.A. that technology export is the number one in the world in Japan, and buy most it.
Especially, the technology of Japan is indispensable in the IT field. By the condition can speak Japanese to become a top engineer in the United tates recently.