Sanyo Electronics developed an LCD projector with the shortest projection distance in the world

Sanyo Electronics developed an LCD projector called the Ultra Short-Throw Multimedia Projector PLC-XL50 (LP-XL50 in Japanese market) in June 2007. This projector projects an image of 80 inches from the main body of the projector just 8 cm (about 3.2inches) away. This is the world’s shortest projection distance. Sanyo’s previous projector LP-XL40’s projection distance was 103cm (about 40.6inches). In PLC-XL50, Sanyo put the lens in the back of the main component of the projector, so the distance from the lens is 46cm (about 18.1inches), less than half the distance of the LP-XL40.

In order to shorten the projection distance Sanyo developed a new large diameter aspheric lens and high-precision aspheric mirror technology. With this technology, even with the projector placed flush against the wall it can project an image of 67inches.

This technology enables the image to be projected the floor or on a table, something the previous models couldn’t do. In order to limit distortion of the image, Sanyo combined a distortion correction mechanism lens with a high-precision aspheric mirror.

The projector is W-374mm X H-196.8mm X D-495mm (14.7 X 7.8 X 19.5inches) The weight is 7.8kg (17.16lb.). The resolution is 1,024X768 pixels. The screen size would be from 60 to 80inch screen. The ratio of aspect is 4:3 for industrial use, however Sanyo is considering to develop the model of 16:9 ratio for home users since this market is expected to grow to 20~30% of its total sales.

Sanyo is going to release this product on December 21st for 630,000 Japanese yen (US$ for $5,700-1Japanese yen=110 US dollar) targeting educational market.