The OMRON HEALTHCARE home blood-pressure monitor

OMRON HEALTHCARE(オムロン ヘルスケア) occupies a 60% share of the home blood pressure monitor market, and it is the largest in the world. In the United States its share reaches 70%. Omron’s models are accurate, high quality and simple to use.  More than half of the pharmacists recommend and evaluate them highly.
Omron’ models are recommended by pharmacists in the “Pharmacy Times” (Jun) magazine. “People in the United States have evaluated the precision and quality of use. The standard return rate of consumer products in the United States is usually 10%, but it is only 5% on average for Omron’s models. People of the retail industry can trust and sell them without worry.” <Extract from “the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago, Chicago business support corner, ‘good access and the enhancement of the infrastructure are splendid, Midwestern business environment’ “>

There are both wrist and upper arm Omron home blood pressure monitors. The latter is used by 70% of users.  Recently the automatic upper arm type, in which the user simply inserts an arm, has sold well.
In Japan the majority of people over 30 years old have high blood pressure and there are more than thirty million presumed sufferers. There are few easily recognized symptoms of high blood pressure, therefore many of us do not notice this disease. Clinicians say blood pressure should be measured for good health care. In particular, high blood pressure early in the morning can’t easily be monitored at the hospital raising the risk of cerebral or myocardial infarction. Thus you should measure blood pressure for yourself, by all means.
In 2003, the Japanese Society of Hypertension announced “the guideline for setting the conditions of home blood pressure measurement”, and people paid attention to the importance of daily blood pressure measurement. Doctors recognized the importance of continuous measurement at home. People come to understand the importance of measurement at home, so there is a growing demand for monitors.
Omron contributes to preventive medicine under the concept of “home medical care”, and tries to achieve high quality products and services.
1961: The Idea room of the Central R&D laboratory (OMRON Corporation) was founded and healthy engineering was begun to be investigated.
  64: The bio-laboratory was also founded and portable blood pressure monitors were begun to be developed.
  73: The electronic home blood pressure monitor (first type) went on the market. 
  82: Omron entered the overseas market with the electronic home blood pressure monitor.
  91: The digital automatic blood pressure monitor with a fuzzy function went on the market.
2002: The wrist blood pressure monitor with advanced positioning sensor went on the market for the first time in Japan.
  03: OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd.(オムロン ヘルスケア株式会社) was established. (Secession from OMRON.)
  05: The blood pressure monitor which detected pulse waves went on the market. (The pulse wave is detected at the radial artery of the wrist automatically for the first time in the world.) “Blood Pressure Monitor With Augmentation Index” (HEM-90000AI) <“FujiSankei Business i. 2007/4/7 metabolic syndrome Asking the executive director: Hiroshi Oshita>
  06: The automatic upper arm type blood pressure monitor “detecting morning hypertension” went on the market for the first time. “SpotArm” (HEM-1010)