Seamless knitting machine by Shima Seiki Mfg

Knitting machine maker Shima Seiki Mfg (島精機製作所). has a 90% domestic share and 60% world share in a computer controlled flat knitting machine. The enterprise was inaugurated in Wakayama in 1962.
In 1995, the Whole Garment flat knitting machine was introduced. It creates knitted articles three-dimensionally without cutting or sewing. About 3,600 sets were shipped by the end of March  2005 to the West and within Japan.

Since there are no seams made with the WholeGarment, knitted articles are easy and comfortable to wear. All-new structures and sophisticated patterns can be knitted. It has become possible to create styles which were previously only made using woven textiles.

This manufacturing technique has not only made the labor-intensive production process more economical but has created a system  which manages both patternmaking and design in this knowledge-intensive business.

With WholeGarment, the apparel maker can consistently plan and design using virtual samples on PC for the manufacturing process.

Shima Seiki Mfg (島精機製作所). which integrates the production of both hardware and software within its company, from super-precision tool parts to computer programs has always aimed at the development of new technology and has challenged the unknown for the company concept “Ever Onward”.