Bearing Minebea

Minebea(ミネベア) has 60% market share in the class of bearings measuring 22mm and under. Bearings are precision objects used for stable axis rotation in machines. The accuracy of bearings influences greatly the quality of end products.

Minebea started to produce miniature ball bearings in 1951. They are 22mm or less and are used in information and communications equipment, such as personal computers, home electrical appliances, and car motors. Minebea has the largest market share of its class in the world.

KITANIHON SEIKI CO., LTD.(北日本精機株式会社) has 70% share of micro bearing sales. It manufactures special small bearings with an internal diameter ranging from several cm to mm. Its original technology was selected by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency as one of “300 small and medium enterprises that are producing energetically in June, 2006.