Ajinomoto KK Supplies Most of the World’s Medical Amino Acid

In 1956 Morishita Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. launched the sale of the first amino acid crystal infusion (Moriamin,) introducing this medical treatment to the world. Now Ajinomoto KK (味の素) accounts for 60% of the world’s share of amino acid for medical treatment.

The protein in the human body is composed of 20 kinds of amino acid.
The amino acid is being used in various areas of medical treatment; this is one area of high expectations in the continuing research and development of the substance.

・Pre- and post-surgery nourishment
In each country there have been improvements such as adding electrolyte to amino acid, leading to the spread of high calorie intravenous feeding. As a result, the pre- and post- operative nutrition management has become feasible, with recognized increases in surgical success rates, to the benefit of vast numbers of patients. 

・Treatment of liver failure and nourishment of patient with renal failure
The change of amino acid balance in the blood of patients with liver failure can cause hepatic encephalopathy.
An amino acid preparation has been developed to prevent the onset of the disease by supplying the body with the necessary amino acid to improve efficacy of treatment.
The metabolite of protein cannot be excreted in cases of chronic renal failure, so that limiting protein is needed.
It is now possible to maintain a patient’s nutritional state, preventing the drop of renal function and supplying the necessary amino acids.

・Other use
Glutamine: Treatment of ulcer
Arginine: Immunity reinforcement action
There are many pharmaceuticals in which these amino acids are a raw material: antibiotics, antihypertensive medicines, oral diabetic medicine, antiviral drugs, and so forth.