Japan is the only country that produces raw material of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

The Nisshin Seifun Group (Nisshin Flour Milling) medicinal segment (presently Nisshin Pharma INC) was the first company in the world to develop a manufacturing method for CoQ10 in 1966. Read More »

Olympus, Endoscope for medical treatment

In 1950, chief engineer of Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. (now Olympus オリンパス) Mutsuo Sugiura and his subordinate Shoji Fukami developed the gastrocamera, the first in the world. From this technology an endoscope and a fiberscope have also been developed. As of 2007, Olympus’ endoscope represents 70% of the world share. Read More »

Ajinomoto KK Supplies Most of the World’s Medical Amino Acid

In 1956 Morishita Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. launched the sale of the first amino acid crystal infusion (Moriamin,) introducing this medical treatment to the world. Now Ajinomoto KK (味の素) accounts for 60% of the world’s share of amino acid for medical treatment. Read More »

Seamless knitting machine by Shima Seiki Mfg

Knitting machine maker Shima Seiki Mfg (島精機製作所). has a 90% domestic share and 60% world share in a computer controlled flat knitting machine. The enterprise was inaugurated in Wakayama in 1962.
In 1995, the Whole Garment flat knitting machine was introduced. It creates knitted articles three-dimensionally without cutting or sewing. About 3,600 sets were shipped by the end of March  2005 to the West and within Japan. Read More »

Digital camera

The world’s first digital camera with a liquid crystal display was made by CASIO (カシオ) and put on the market in 1995. It became a big hit. Read More »

Tron OS by Ken Sakamura

In 1984 Prof. Ken Sakamura (坂村 ) of Tokyo University developed a basic computer software called Tron or “The Realtime Operating system Nucleus”. It enabled a very fast computer processing speed and was so simple that anyone could use it. Its specifications were open source. Read More »

The OMRON HEALTHCARE home blood-pressure monitor

OMRON HEALTHCARE(オムロン ヘルスケア) occupies a 60% share of the home blood pressure monitor market, and it is the largest in the world. In the United States its share reaches 70%. Omron’s models are accurate, high quality and simple to use.  More than half of the pharmacists recommend and evaluate them highly.
Omron’ models are recommended by pharmacists in the “Pharmacy Times” (Jun) magazine. “People in the United States have evaluated the precision and quality of use. The standard return rate of consumer products in the United States is usually 10%, but it is only 5% on average for Omron’s models. People of the retail industry can trust and sell them without worry.” <Extract from “the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago, Chicago business support corner, ‘good access and the enhancement of the infrastructure are splendid, Midwestern business environment’ “> Read More »

Bearing Minebea

Minebea(ミネベア) has 60% market share in the class of bearings measuring 22mm and under. Bearings are precision objects used for stable axis rotation in machines. The accuracy of bearings influences greatly the quality of end products. Read More »