Invention of ‘snap-off blade cutter’

Yoshio Okada, the Okada company (the present OLFA Corporation) founder, invented the world’s first ‘snap-off blade cutter’ in 1956( Showa 31) .

This blade-cutter makes the edge, which has lost its sharpness, slide, folds it and then obtains a new edge. In those days, Mr.Okada who was working for a printing company thought about a way to make his knife last longer and be more useful  rather than the knives and razors which soon became useless.

He got hints from old craftsmen using pieces of glass when cutting, and also from chocolate bars, given by the Occupation Forces which have grooves to make them easy to break into pieces. So he came up with the idea of cutter knives that are able to be folded. Even if it did not sharpen the blade as well as a knife, it was still epoch-making, because a new edge could be obtained just by folding the used one. 

Now it is used in more than 100 countries all over of the world, and the angle and width of the spare blade has become  international standard. Incidentally, “OLFA” which is the brand name of the SNAP-OFF BLADE CUTTER and also the present company name, comes from “the folding edge” (OLHA). But ‘OLHA’ was changed  to ‘OLFA’ because there are countries in the world which do not pronounce H in their languages.