Nanopass 33, the sharpest insulin injection needle in the world, by Terumo Medical Corporation

In May 2005, Terumo Medical Corporation launched Nanopass 33, the world’s sharpest insulin injection needle. It has a tip diameter of 0.2mm, which is 20% sharper than the conventional 0.25mm. This creation was made possible thanks to high-tech stainless steel press technology of medical equipment manufacturer Terumo Medical Corporation and stainless steel company Okano Industrial Corporation (with headquarters in Tokyo). Read More »

Hakkoda Tunnel – The longest land-based double track tunnel in the world

The Hakkoda Tunnel, completed in February 2005, is located between Tenmabayashi-mura and Aomori City in Aomori Prefecture, with a total length of 26,455m. It is the longest land-based double track tunnel in the world. Read More »

How sharp observation and engineering resourcefulness created Japan’s first model steam train – Kisuke Nakamura

In July 1853, a Russian named Putyatin arrived in Nagasaki by ship to open Japan. There he demonstrated a model steam locomotive’s mechanism. Kisuke Nakamura and others, engineers in the smelter of the Saga domain, observed this model and then completed one themselves using reference documents and experimentation. Read More »

The strongest air fighter on warships in the world – “Zero-type” fighter (Reisen or Zerosen)

Zero-type fighters on warships(Reisen or Zerosen) were the mainstay fighters of the great Japanese navy. They drove away fighters of the Allies in the early stages of the Greater East Asia War, and brought fear to the U.S. Forces by mere mention of the name “Zero fighter”. Read More »