Discovery of the antibiotic Kanamysin by Hamao Umezawa

Kanamysin has the remarkable effect of treating infection by highly-resistant bacteria. In addition, Hamao Umezawa (梅澤 濱夫) and others discovered other useful antibiotics of ray fungus origin, such as bleomycin (antineoplastic drug) and kasugamycin (rice blast prevention). Read More »

Sanyo Electronics developed an LCD projector with the shortest projection distance in the world

Sanyo Electronics developed an LCD projector called the Ultra Short-Throw Multimedia Projector PLC-XL50 (LP-XL50 in Japanese market) in June 2007. This projector projects an image of 80 inches from the main body of the projector just 8 cm (about 3.2inches) away. This is the world’s shortest projection distance. Sanyo’s previous projector LP-XL40’s projection distance was 103cm (about 40.6inches). In PLC-XL50, Sanyo put the lens in the back of the main component of the projector, so the distance from the lens is 46cm (about 18.1inches), less than half the distance of the LP-XL40. Read More »

Tron OS by Ken Sakamura

In 1984 Prof. Ken Sakamura (坂村 ) of Tokyo University developed a basic computer software called Tron or “The Realtime Operating system Nucleus”. It enabled a very fast computer processing speed and was so simple that anyone could use it. Its specifications were open source. Read More »

Umetaro Suzuki: The Pioneer in the Vitamin Research

Umetaro Suzuki (鈴木 梅太郎) was a Japanese scientist, who was the first to discover vitamin B1 (thiamine) in rice bran. Read More »

The OMRON HEALTHCARE home blood-pressure monitor

OMRON HEALTHCARE(オムロン ヘルスケア) occupies a 60% share of the home blood pressure monitor market, and it is the largest in the world. In the United States its share reaches 70%. Omron’s models are accurate, high quality and simple to use.  More than half of the pharmacists recommend and evaluate them highly.
Omron’ models are recommended by pharmacists in the “Pharmacy Times” (Jun) magazine. “People in the United States have evaluated the precision and quality of use. The standard return rate of consumer products in the United States is usually 10%, but it is only 5% on average for Omron’s models. People of the retail industry can trust and sell them without worry.” <Extract from “the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago, Chicago business support corner, ‘good access and the enhancement of the infrastructure are splendid, Midwestern business environment’ “> Read More »

Visualization of amyloid spots with MRI

In April 2005, Takaomi Saidou(西道 隆臣), Team Leader of the Nerve Protein Control Research group of RIKEN Brain Science Synthesis Research Center, and Dojindo Molecular Technologies, Inc.(同仁化学研究所) conducted an experiment on mice that led to the visualization of amyloid spots by MRI. With this discovery, diagnosis of the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease and its advancement were made possible. Read More »

Asuka Takita, a veterinarian in Kenya

The dreams which 27 year-old Asuka Takita(滝田 明日香) talks about are book writer, jewel designer, and homemade cosmetics and soaps. These dreams are not very different from the ones a lot of women have. If there is any difference, it might be her dream of becoming a veterinarian of wild animals in Africa. Read More »

Tu-Ka: the Worlds First Cellular Phone with Bone Conduction

In December 2003, the wireless service provider Tu-Ka announced the TS41 — the world’s first mobile phone conducting sound through the user’s bone. Now the hard of hearing and people in high noise conditions can hear signals more effectively than with a conventional phone. Read More »

Kano Hogai(狩野芳崖): The Father of Modern Japanese-Style Painting

Kano Hogai 狩野 芳崖 (1828-1888) was a 19th century Japanese painter of the Kano School. His “Avalokitesvara as a Merciful Mother 悲母観音” (1888) is acclaimed as the first masterpiece in the development of modern Japanese-style painting. Read More »

Japan blessed in the four seasons

There are four beautiful seasons in Japan. In the world, countries that have four seasons, are only located in an area called the middle latitude zone, approximately 30~40 degrees of the north/ south latitude. Because of the Yangtze-Kiang air mass in the spring and autumn, The Sea of Okhotsk air mass during the rainy season, Ogasawara air mass in the summer and Siberia air mass in the winter Japan has four clearly different seasons. Read More »

The adoption of plastic made from plant-based materials for a notebook PC

In January 2005, Fujitsu Ltd.,(富士通) Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.(富士通研究所) and Toray Industries, Inc.(東レ) joined to develop the first plant-based plastics for use in personal computers. Since global warming caused by environmental pollution has become a serious social problem, the technical development of CO2 reduction is greatly promoted. Read More »

Dr. Hiromi Shinya: The Pioneer in Colonoscopic Polypectomy

Dr. Hiromi Shinya(新谷 弘美) is a well known gastrologist in the US and Japan. Dr. Shinya is credited with pioneering colonoscopic surgery without the need for incision. This technique is named “Shinya Method” for his contribution. Read More »

The inner sanctuary of the Grand Shrine of Izumo was once the world’s largest wooden structure

It is said that the inner sanctuary of the Grand Shrine of Izumo was once very large. It was 32jo high (about 97m) in ancient times. In the Heian era it was 16jo (about 48m) high, which is larger than the 15jo (1jo = approx. 3.03m) of the Todaji Temple of the Great Buddha, Japan’s oldest great shrine. The present inner sanctuary was built in 1744 and is 8jo (about 24m) high. Other areas pay respect to the great shine and no one is supposed to build another shrine that is 24m high or that surpasses it. Read More »

Bearing Minebea

Minebea(ミネベア) has 60% market share in the class of bearings measuring 22mm and under. Bearings are precision objects used for stable axis rotation in machines. The accuracy of bearings influences greatly the quality of end products. Read More »

Japanese Animation Number One in the world

Of all the animation in the world, 65% or more is Japanese. In 1917, Seitaro Kitayama created the animation “Monkey and the Crab” drawn on paper in India ink. Osamu Tezuka turned comics into attractive art and built a foundation of comics and animation in present day Japan. Many excellent works have influenced other genres such as literature and movies and thus, the world’s animation community was established. Read More »

The youngest soloist in the Royal Ballet, Tetsuya Kumakawa

Tetsuya Kumakawa joined the prestigious Royal Ballet Company as the first Oriental. After several months, Kumakawa was promoted to youngest soloist in the history of the ballet company. Kumakawa established the K-BALLET Company, pursuing a ballet of high artistry and perfection, and he continues with new challenges. Read More »

The finest, the most elaborate and the highest quality brush in the world

China was the birthplace of the brush. It started with a brush of animal hair made by General Meng Tian in the Qin Dynasty and presented to the emperor Shi Huang-ti. In the Yamato period, the brush was introduced to Japan along with Buddhism and Chinese script. Read More »

Invention of the TV antenna by Hidetsugu Yagi and Shintaro Uda

Yagi Antenna” is used all over the world and was invented by Hidetsugu Yagi and Shintaro Uda at Tohoku University 30 years after the start of the wireless communication age, which was at the end of the 19th century. Read More »

“Mr.Semiconductor” and “Father of Optical Communication”, Jun-ichi Nishizawa

Jun-ichi Nishizawa (西澤 潤一), “Mr. Semiconductor” and “Father of Optical communication”, is famous worldwide as a creative researcher in semiconductor engineering. Read More »

The longest undersea tunnel in the world. Eurotunnel crossing the Strait of Dover

The Eurotunnel, a 38km long undersea tunnel that passes under the Strait of Dover, was completed in 1991. Read More »