Turkey is a pro-Japanese country because the Japanese saved the victims of Ertugrul (warship)

In September, 1890, a special envoy party was sent to Japan by the Sultan Abdulhamit II to meet with Emperor Meiji and they presented him a personal letter from the Sultan.

As the Turkish envoy was returning to Turkey, it collided with rocks off the coast of Wakayama Prefecture during a typhoon. It was a tragedy. 587 lives including the special envoys were lost and only 69 people escaped from death. The inhabitants of the Ooshima Island saved them and supplied them with chickens that the Ooshima inhabitants had stocked for emergencies (e.g., earthquake, fire, flood, etc.).

Both governmental agents and Japanese searched for dead bodies and their belongings and salvaged the sunken ship. The survivors were sent back to Turkey with the warships, “Kongou” and “Hiei”, with the Emperor Meiji’s instructions. Memorial monuments were built in Kashinozaki (Japan) and in Turkey through donations.

The belongings left by the deceased, including a music score composed specifically in memory of the deceased by the Japanese, are on display in Naval Museum in Istanbul even today.