The national flag of Bangladesh based on the Japanese flag of the Rising Sun

Bangladesh’s national flag was established from the model of the Japanese flag of the Rising Sun. The red circle on the flag expresses the sun that rises, while the green conveys the rich earth. Moreover, the red symbolizes the blood of those killed in the war of independence.When Professor Nagoshi Futaranosuke, formerly of Takachiho University, asked about the origin of the Bangladesh national flag to Japanese Embassy in Bangladesh, the public relations official said, “Yearning for Japan.”

Bangladesh means “the country of Bengal”. Three Bengalis who pride themselves in their close ties with Japan are: Tagore, a poet who won the Nobel Prize for Asian literature; Chandra Bose, who risked his life for the independence of India; and Radhabinod Pal, a judge. Tagore was a friend of Tenshin Okakura. He visited Japan several times. Because of Chandra Bose, the Japanese supported the independence of India. Pal asserted that the Japanese were not guilty in the Japanese war crimes trial.