The Japanese who gave their lives for the independence of Indonesia

Japan supported revolutionaries in colonies around the world. President Sukarno in Indonesia was one of them.

In 1945, two days after the Japanese surrender in the Second World War, Indonesia declared its independence. Indonesia was deeply grateful to Japan’s cooperation toward its independence, so they fixed the date of their declaration of independence on August 17th, of ’05’. The ’05’ standing for the 2605th year of the Japanese Imperial reign.

Japanese soldiers regretted that they couldn’t fulfill their responsibilities to create an independent Indonesia, so about two thousand Japanese soldiers remained there after the end of the war and fought battles at the head of the local people. About half of those soldiers were killed in battle. Soldiers who lost their lives in the ‘Independence War’ lie buried in Jakarta Military Cemetery.

Indonesia decided to color its national flag with red and white, imitating that of Japan, because Japan is so respected. At Independence Commemorations, one person dressed as a Japanese soldier, one male and one female Indonesian, together hoist the national flag.