Todaiji: The temple with the world’s biggest wooden building Zoshichou, Nara-shi

Todaiji Temple of Zoshichou, Nara-shi.

In 743(Tenpyo era 15), according to an order of Kokubunji elected by the Emperor Shomu two years before, the construction of Todaiji Temple was requested as the head temple of all provincial temples in Japan.

In 747, the Hall of the Great Buddha was started to be built. A consecrating ceremony of the newly made Great Buddha was held in 752(Tenpyoshoho 4). The Hall of the Great Buddha which was 1.5 times wider than today, was destroyed by fire in two wars. The current Hall of the Great Buddha is 57m wide(east-west), 50.5m long (north-south)and 47.5m high. It was rebuilt in 1709, in the Edo era(Hoei 6). Nandai-mon, Kaizan-do and Hokke-do-raido are buildings of Todaiji Temple left from the Kamakura era.

In 1993 Todaiji Temple was registered as one of the world’s cultural heritage. It is a treasure of Global Buddhism.