The largest oil stockpile site in the world

The Nippon Oil Corporation’s Kiire Base managed by its subsidiary (Nippon Oil Staging Terminal Company Limited) in Kiire Nakamyo-cho (formerly Ibusuki-gun, Kiire-cho), Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, began operating in September, 1969. It is the world’s largest oil stockpile site of 7.35 million KL.

The Kiire Base was originally constructed in the former Kiire-cho, Ibusuki-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture as an oil stock site for the former Nippon Oil Corporation and began operating in September, 1969. It had the stockpile capacity of 1.2 million KL which later increased to 3.3 million KL with the first stage of the construction completed in December, 1972. When the second stage of the construction was completed, the oil stockpile capacity increased to 7.2 million KL which was close to that of the present one.  It was in April, 1994 that the capacity became the present 7.35 million KL.

The Kiire Base, with the outer circumference of 5.5 km and with the ground area of 1,925,000㎡,(which is equivalent to about 40 times the size of the Tokyo Dome), has 24 crude oil tanks for the 160,000KL-class, 30 tanks for the 100,000KL-class and 3 tanks for the 50,000KL-class、thus, 57 tanks in total. A huge crude oil tanker of the 300,000-ton class can dock here as well. About 80% of the large-sized tankers that come from abroad, come to Japan via the Kiire Base. At present, this base receives about 30 kinds of crude oil from 11 different countries, where some crude oil is blended to meet Japanese oil refinery demand.

All oil companies are obligated to stock the equivalency of 70 days of domestic oil consumption, based on the Petroleum Stockpiling Law enacted in 1975. This law was amended in 2001 and entitled the Sekiyu no Bichiku no Kakuho nadoni kansuru Horitsu: a law regarding such issues as securing oil stock. In fact, 160 days of oil consumption is always reserved, which includes an amount of 90 days of national reserves.

The oil stock capacity of 7.35 million KL of the Kiire Base is equivalent to the oil consumption for 2 weeks in Japan. Currently, the crude oil reserves of the Kiire Base hold 2.5 million KL by government stockpiling, and approximately 2.7 million KL of reserves is owned by the Nippon Oil Corporation Group companies, which reserve as much as 5.2 million KL.