The longest monorail in the world

The Osaka monorail was the longest monorail in the world with a length of 21.2 kilometres. As of April 2007, it is 28.0 kilometres long, which is still breaking the record.

The Osaka Monorail opened in June 1990. The first line ran 6.6 kilometres between Senri-Chuo and Minami-Ibaraki stations. The new railway opened in August 1997. It was 7.9 kilometres long and connected Minami-Ibaraki with Kadoma city. After the railway between Osaka International Airport and Kadoma opened, Osaka Monorail was the longest monorail when combined with the 13.3 kilometre way between Osaka International Airport and Minami-Ibaraki, surpassing Tokyo Monorail, the previous longest monorail (16.9 kilometres).

The Osaka Monorail is operated by Osaka Monorail Co., Ltd. and is 28.0 kilometres long as of April 2007(including the mail line, Saito Line). Osaka Monorail Line (Main line) from Osaka International Airport to Kadoma is 21.2 kilometres long, International Culture Park Line (Saito Line) from Expo Park to Saito-Nishi is 6.8 kilometres long.

There are two types of monorail systems, Alweg straddle-type and Safage suspension type. Osaka Monorail has the Alweg system.

The Guinness World Record of the longest monorail with the Safage system, incidentally, is the Chiba Urban Monorail.