Nanopass 33, the sharpest insulin injection needle in the world, by Terumo Medical Corporation

In May 2005, Terumo Medical Corporation launched Nanopass 33, the world’s sharpest insulin injection needle. It has a tip diameter of 0.2mm, which is 20% sharper than the conventional 0.25mm. This creation was made possible thanks to high-tech stainless steel press technology of medical equipment manufacturer Terumo Medical Corporation and stainless steel company Okano Industrial Corporation (with headquarters in Tokyo).

There are about 600,000 people, including children, throughout the country that have to get daily injections to treat their diabetes. Terumo and Okano Industries (headquarters Tokyo) developed a painless injection needle specially designed to provide maximum patient comfort when they inject themselves with insulin syringes several times a day. Using 28G as a basis for the needle, the tip is as sharp as 33G and the injection resistance felt when patients inject themselves is comparable to that of a 31G syringe.

Because of the doubly tapered construction, injection resistance will increase when the tip of the needle is sharpened. Masayuki Okano of Okano Industry overcame this technological challenge by applying his stainless steel press craftsman skills to create this needle.

They won the Good Design Award in 2005. It was seen as a very exciting Japanese product. It was elected a “Japanesque Modern” product.
The Japanesque Modern Council selects products, methods and others that combine traditional culture, materials, technology, spirit, and advanced technology of Japan.