Cardiac catheterization specialist whom the home United States also accepts Kazuo Misumi

Director Chiba west general hopital / Kazuo Misumi.  It is 2006-2007 in “Best doctors in Japan” that the doctor ranking agency in the United States elected It was elected for two consecutive terms.
With “Rotor brator” attached drill at the tip of the catheter which smashes the thrombus and so on which became lime inside the blood vessel, it is proud of the actual results beyond the years 600 cases, by 3-year continuance, in the world, the number of cases of No.1.

Kazuo Misumi’s chosen “Best doctors in Japan” is chosen by the doctor’s evaluation. It might be proof with a so advanced arm in the one by excellent information on the clinician and about 50,000 people on 30 countries or more in the world that consists of the specialized field of 40 or more.
 Misumi is authority of a cardiac catheter, but, as for the catheter, advanced technology is necessary on the doctor though he inserts a thin catheter into the blood vessel and patient’s burdens decrease by the thing to restore the blood flow of the part of the blockade more than an operation concerning a surgery without incising a blood vessel.
Mr. Misumi is the one, the second prize in Japan in this number of means though the way of putting a catheter in the coronary artery of the heart and curing it called PTCA (percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty).
Furthermore, it is proud of the best treatment actual results with the drill which attached the head of the diamond to the point of this catheter ,”Rotor brator” ,which smashes the thrombus and so on which became lime in the world.
Before, though re-constriction was easy to have after the means,now it came to be taken the net-shaped pipe called “Stent” in the point as well where a blood flow was recovered.
Furthermore, Mr. Misumi tells “Re-constriction almost disappeared by making medicine soak into that Stent and putting it.”, and it is said that Mr. Misumi is proud of the number of cases of domestic tops as to this medicine Stent.

The career of Mr. Kazuo Misumi <From Chiba west general hopital HP >
In 1952,in November,born in Osaka City .
In 1982, graduation from medical department of Tokyo Medical and Dental University .At the time of the graduation, Nagao A learning encouragement prize (a gold watch) winning a prize.
In the same year, Tokyo Medical and Dental University  medical department the third internal medicine department entrance into a company.
In 1985, visit to America. After heart blood vessel sickness reason is researched in Illinois university Chicago school, in New York medical college, University of California and University of Pittsburgh, internal medicine department resident training, circulatory organ clinical fellow training end.
UCLA In Good Samaritan hospital, a heart heart blood vessel catheter treatment special fellow training end in 2 and a half.
From 1996, Hawaiian university, a clinical assistant professor.
From 1998, Chiba west general hopital heart center head, training chairperson.
From 2000, this vice-director.
From 2003, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, a clinical professor.
From 2004, Chiba west general hopital hospital manager.

Doctor of Medicine.
U.S. internal medicine department academic meeting medical specialist regular member.
U.S. heart disease academic meeting medical specialist regular member.
A Japanese internal medicine department academic meeting medical specialist councilor.
A Japanese circulatory organ academic meeting medical specialist.
A Japanese heart  blood vessel intervention academic meeting advising doctor, councilor.
A Japanese coronary disease academic meeting councilor.
A Japanese geriatrics academic meeting medical specialist.