A planetarium that can project the most stars – MEGASTAR by Takayuki Ohira

In July 2004, Takayuki Ohira’s “MEGASTAR” was established permanently in the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. It can project a total of five million stars that would otherwise be too far to see, at a magnitude of up to 12.5 times their size.

In 1998, another “MEGASTAR”, a lens-type planetarium, opened to the public in London. It projected 1.7 million stars. That record has, of course, been broken.

In 2005, “HOMESTAR” was developed in cooperation with SEGA TOYS for the first time in the world, and uses a domestic optical system. It can project 10,000 stars (of which 8,600 are invisible to the naked eye) up to 6.5 times their size.