Fujita Tetsuya, Mr. Tornado, invented the scale for tornadoes

In 1971, Fujita Tetsuya (藤田 哲也), a professor at the Chicago University invented the index: “Fujita scale (F scale),” which measures the wind velocity of tornadoes in the United States. More than one thousand tornadoes a year are recorded globally and 3/4 of them are seen in the United States.
Tetsuya’s index became an international standard.
Moreover, he discovered the downburst (a descending jet stream) in 1975 and saved a lot of lives. Read More »

The Literacy Rate in Japan

One of the things that amazed Europeans that arrived in Japan at the end of the Edo period(1603-1867)was that Japanese were highly educated. It was believed that the literacy rate was over 80 percent in cities like Edo (now Tokyo) and Osaka. Read More »

Sahachiro Hata: The first miracle medicine in the world for syphilis treatment

Sahachiro Hata developed “arsphenamine No.606”, the first medicine in the world for syphilis treatment, incorporation with Paul Ehrlich in Germany. Hata had originally been researching bacteriology in the Institute of Infectious Diseases that Dr.Shibasaburo Kitasato had established. Read More »